Long before Adam’s mushrooms was even an idea I called the salty water of Alaska my summer home. One of my best friends’ families growing up ran a salmon tender in SE Alaska and I went up every year to participate in the fishery.

Fishing was an incredible adventure, a lot of hard work, and allowed me to travel in the off season. My adventures in fishing culminated in 2010 with the purchase of the fishing vessel Max Power (named by the previous owner after one of Homer Simpson’s alter egos).

After a long and successful season pursuing Salmon in SE Alaska I chose to release the boat and see if there was something other than fishing that would catch my attention, and in a round about way fell in love with mycology and the world of mushrooms.

Fishing has supported me throughout the years, and now again I’m returning some attention to the underwater world of seafood in an effort to help support our business and family and offer out something of great personal value to our community.

While seafood made it on the original vision board for Adam’s mushrooms back in 2013, it isn’t until now some seven years later that the pieces have fallen into place to see it come into it’s own and be in a position to offer it out to the public – we’re very excited to share it with you now!

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