WA State Troll Caught King Salmon (IVORY or MARBLED varieties)


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**WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL HAVE YOUR VARIETY AND SIZE AVAILABLE**….But we can guarantee you will receive a beautiful King Salmon! Please consider this selection a preference, thank you for understanding!

Ivory king salmon are the same species as the reds, just with a genetic twist where they do not process the color from their diets, (read more hear from the Alaska dept. of fish and game) Many people prefer the white King Salmon’s flavor and texture, though I am not entirely convinced there is a huge difference, I think the bottom line is that they are all delicious. These are very fatty fish. This purchase represents a deposit on a fish – please select your desired size and we will do our best to accommodate your order, but please keep in mind the large red king salmon represents the majority of the catch.  These fish are commercially caught, hook and line, in the coastal waters of Washington State. All fish will be cleaned and have the head on. Again, this purchase serves as a deposit on a fish, the balance will be due at pickup where we weigh out the individual fish and calculate the remaining cost (we will be able to run a credit card for the remaining balance due). We can try to accommodate size requests, but in the end it all depends on what’s biting. Currently the only pickup option for these fish is the Key Peninsula.

Please note the actual price per pound does vary based on size of fish, for ivory and marbled kings:

Medium (6-11lbs) are $10.5/lb

Large (11-18lbs) are 11.5/lb

Jumbo Kings (18+ lbs) are 12.50/lb

Check out this video on how to fillet a salmon

WA State Troll Caught King Salmon (IVORY or MARBLED varieties)

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Medium 6-11lbs (10.5/lb), Large 11-18lbs (11.5/lb), Jumbo 18+lbs (12.5/lb)


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